How to Extract Monkeypox Data By Using Web Scraping & Pandas?


While scraping web data, many cases are there while you want to scrape tabular data from websites. The normal way of going is writing a web data scraper. using Selenium, Scrapy, Python, Beautifulsoup, and more.

However, one easy way of getting tabular data from web pages using Pandas is there and you can do it within one minute and Python code of five lines.

In the example, we would work with available Monkeypox data here. Luckily, there is merely one table on this website having Monkeypox infection data. Here, the point is that our technique will work irrespective of how many tables are given on a page.

Phase 1 - Installing Pandas In case, you haven't installed pandas – just install it utilizing the command given in the terminal.

pip install pandas

Phase 2 - Start Scraping Monkeypox Data The code given here extracts data from a page into the CSV file. Observe the explanation given below to know how this code will work.

import pandas as pd

url = ''

df_list = pd.read_html(url)

Monkeypox = df_list[0]


In the initial line - we have introduced the pandas’ library. Then, we are instructing the scraper about the table or data we wish to extract is at the URL

The line that comes after that is the most significant. We're instructing the pandas’ library for using the read_html task to get tables on a webpage. read_html() yields the list having data frames about all the accessible tables on a page.

Here, only a single table is there; the initial element given on a list would have Monkeypox data. We retrieve it using an index in the given code link.

Monkeypox = df_list[0]

The following step is converting data into the CSV file, as well as we use the to_csv function for converting Monkeypox data frames into the CSV file.


And hurrah…we have done it! That’s how we scrape tabular data from the webpage in the CSV having only five lines of code as well as under one minute.

In this blog, we've discussed how to utilize Python as well as pandas for scraping Monkeypox data from a Global Health site. We've presented you how to use web scraping, which tools to utilize, and how to format code as well as scrape the right data.

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