What are the Important Use Cases for Public Sentiment Data Online?

Sentiment analysis could transform the personal emotions of public into measureable insights, which a leader or a company can utilize to drive changes


The manual technique of finding and gauging public sentiments online towards the products, companies, or industries is passing at best, as well as at worst, might harm business through offering misleading or incorrect insights.

It is projected that as 80% of world’s total data is not well-organized. So, it is impossible for humans to touch the data surface. Luckily, web data scraping is a very powerful solution giving businesses of all sizes a helpful tool to monitor online public sentiments.

The data could only be correctly aggregated to useful extent in case produced in quantities larger for manual inputs, as well as data scraping has become the best-practices across the world’s public-facing businesses.

Sentiment analysis could transform the personal emotions of public into measureable insights, which a leader or a company can utilize to drive changes. Let's go through some well-known use cases for public sentiment data online:

Investment’s Decision Making

Today’s market moves rapidly, and having even a half step ahead in the competition could be incredibly important. If many companies are getting the similar customary data, investors could distinguish their strategies by including sentiment data in the decision making. Any sentiment data could inform an investment procedure through predicting the future company basics or stock returns event-based sentiment analysis could show investors when to transfer.

Product Monitoring

All business intelligence strategies are incomplete without any understanding about public sentiments. The way any company’s products or services are portrayed in the reviews and news articles directly affects its end results. By extracting qualitative public sentiments data regarding your products online, businesses could integrate that data directly in the AI-driven businesses to make actionable insights where products are doing well or underperforming. Different uses for sentiment data in product monitoring are different. Some of the examples include social media monitoring , polarity analysis, aspect-based text analysis, as well as website variance.

Company & Brand Monitoring

The axiom that a press is a good press might be losing the veracity in the era while press as well as reviews are at the fingertips on 24x7 basis. Which steps can any company take for protecting reputation in the socially quickening world? Through extracting sentiment data, the Business Intelligence teams could both take advantage of positive publicity as well as work for mitigating negative sentiments. Any comprehensive BI approach acknowledges multi-pronged nature of online sentiments through extracting data from different resources as well as analyzing different factors, which comprise sentiments.

Product Development

Sentiment analysis depends on extracted data equipped product development teams having data-driven insights in the changes customers wish to see as well as quality of the product’s performances. That’s how, sentiment analysis is not only a reflective but an important tool in product creation, design procedure, and planning. Get important insights for each development step from launching some new features to customers’ feedbacks for support tickets as well as monitoring about how the customers are utilizing your products to assist you determine newer product creation and new features.

Because of its useful analysis, Sentiment Analysis opens the doors to many opportunities through offering a solid technical base to data, which was mere assumptions in the past. In case, you are inquiring about the given applications of sentiment analysis as well as wish to know more, you can contact Actowiz! If you wish to understand how web extracted news as well as article data could help your business, then request for a free consultation with Actowiz team today!

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